Hahn's Spittin' Image
Mae Apple Llamas


Welcome to Mad City Llamas!
Home of Hahn's Spittin' Image owned by Kym Hahn, and Mae Apple Llamas owned by Amber Hahn.  We breed for confirmation, presence, fiber, and all around wonderful llamas!  We have been raising llamas since 2003 when we bought our first three geldings, soon after that we found out that we couldn't stop at just three....  We find truth in the quote "llamas are like potato chips, you can't have just one!"  There is nothing we enjoy more than watching our llamas play and romp around!  And we have continued to learn as much as we can in all aspects of what you can do with these wonderful creatures.  We actively participate in many educational clinics, and we recommend that all current and future llama owners to try a clinic or two as well!  We are located a little north of Madison, just outside of DeForest.  Feel free to stop by any time!

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