MBL Absolut On The Rocks

          It was love at first sight when we laid eyes on Rocky, He has preformed very well in the show ring so far.  And not to mention he is a very big boy. We have been very pleased with the work he's done for us so far!

       ILR#   272747
       DOB   6/20/07

                                                          GVL Chilean Icon
                                Hard Rock's Absolut Citron
                                                          Absolut Sedosa
MBL Absolut On The Rocks
                                     BHR Alexus
                                                      Mail Order Bride


Mystery's Johnnie Walker

        Our other paint herdsire, Johnnie is a sweet and gentle boy. We absolutely fell in love with him!  You can't beat his fiber!  We can't wait to see the stunning crias he's gonna produce due summer 2011! 

        ILR#    276419
        DOB   5/23/08

                                                       WLK Heat Wave
                                Mystery's Timone
                                                       JayLo RTC 
 Mystery's Johnnie Walker         
                                Mystery's Whiskey Girl
Silver Moon Grettiana

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