Our Girls!

        JJ-HH's Christmas Edition
        ILR#   230474
        DOB   12/27/00
                    Tomollas Jafar x Sunday's Fancy

This female is very correct and has given great bone, sweet disposition, and nice staight backs to every baby!
        HSI Mountain Ash
        ILR#   270539
        DOB   3/26/07
                      GHLC Jasper x JJ-HH's Christmas Edition

Good bone, plush silky fiber, and a wonderful personality.  Ashes is great mother and we are very pleased with the crias she's given us!  She is due with a Johnny Walker baby any day!

 FOR SALE!!!      

Misti Morning
ILR#   265456
   DOB 9/28/05
                      GHLC Quicksand x Rangitata's Qabella

This girl has an awesome personality, lots of thick crimpy fiber, and great bone! Asking $600 with breeding, otherwise $350
        HSI Acer Scarlet Jewel
        ILR#    276420
        DOB    8/11/08
                      MPULSE x JJ-HH's Christmas Edition

This 3 year old has a spunky personality and great bone! 
Asking $800 with breeding! Otherwise $500
        MAL Syringa Minuet
        ILR#   276417
        DOB   8/8/08
                      MPULSE x Llama Adventures Danika

This 3 year old is such a sweetie pie!  And not to mention those super stretchy legs!  Can't wait to see what kinda crias she's gonna have!
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